Busy? Get started without any work

Now you can get started with the PRICEBLOCKS Personal Booking Assistant. Your Personal Booking Assistant will get you started and manage all your listings.


Life gets busy and sometimes even the smallest details become big tasks. A PRICEBLOCKS Personal Booking Assistant can provide you a little extra support to help manage your listings and sales.

Store Set-Up
Your personal booking assistant can help prepare your store and make sure that it represents your brand. Everything will be setup and handled for you.
List your available times
Your personal booking assistant will list and update all of your available times. Call, text, Facebook message or Snapchat your personal assistant and all updates and edits will be made.
Communicate with your clients
Your personal booking assistant can reach out to all of your current clients and get them started with PRICEBLOCKS. Your assistant will teach your clients how to favorite your store so that they can receive instant notifications and how to easily book your available time blocks.
Respond to client issues
Your personal booking assistant can help handle client-related issues for you. Questions and issues will always be a part of life and your personal assistant will be there to help you deal with anything that comes your way.
Update listings and pricing
Your personal booking assistant can update your schedule and pricing for you. Keeping your availability up to date is important so clients know when you are available. Your personal assistant can help you decide whether to set prices manually or use the Auction Pricing. Auctions can be used when you’re in high demand similar to surge pricing.
Gain maximum exposure on PRICEBLOCKS
Your personal booking assistant can work with you to gain maximum exposure on the PRICEBLOCKS site. Strategically select when to feature yourself and your store on the front page.



My Personal Booking Assistant service has allowed me to save even more time in my day. Having an assistant by my side to help me stay organized and keep my schedule updated has made a huge impact in my business.
Thomas Speer, Goaltending Coach