About Us

Founded in January of 2017, PRICEBLOCKS brings together small businesses, private coaches, facilities and their clients in a trusted community where everyone can easily find and purchase the block of time they need.


Mike Valley
As an entrepreneur Mr. Valley has founded 5 ventures over his career. In 2004 Valley co-founded Next Testing, a first-of-its-kind standardized athletic testing service. Next Testing was sold in September 2013 to HockeyTech. Valley has spent the past eight seasons working with the Dallas Stars serving as the club’s goaltending coach and director of goaltending development. Valley played six years of professional hockey after initially being signed as a free agent by the Vancouver Canucks following his sophomore year of college at the University of Wisconsin.
An entrepreneur since college, Mr. Cohen has founded more than sixteen ventures over his career. In 1994, he started a web development company named Real Information Systems (“RIS”). RIS developed several high profile web sites, including the official web site for Pope John Paul II. In 2008, Cohen was a co-founder and chairman of Intrepid Global Security Solutions, Inc (IGSS). IGSS provides both Physical and Cyber security to governments and corporations. Currently, Cohen serves as the President and Chief Strategy Officer for LYCOS Internet Limited. He primarily focuses on Corporate Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, and new market development.
Bradley Cohen